It appears the gestation period of a new cookbook was timed just right to be launched on 3/3/13. What makes this a really special date to me is that it is my Granny Tom's birthday. She was born on 03/03/03. She grew up during World War 1 and the Great Influenza epidemic. She started a family during the Great Depression and raised them through that and then during the rationing days of World War 2. 

If she had had enough money during World War 2, she would have had to secure ration stamps to go to the store and buy beef. She and her sister, Hattie Alice, decided a better route to go was to pool their grocery money and buy a little calf to raise their own beef. They put the calf in the pasture and raised it. Then they had it slaughtered and they canned enough beef for both of their families.

Canning beef may seem like an unusual thing to you, but it is still a really a great way to save money on your food budget, time in preparing family meals, and have food on hand without having to make frequent trips to the store. You can take advantage of sales, or mark down bargains at the grocery store. With beef in the pantry, you can have a quick, wholesome and flavorful meal on the table in just minutes. No worrying about what to thaw out, or pick up, or microwave. 

I Can Can Beef empowers you to safely home can beef and gives you enough recipes to prepare it a dozen different ways.  There are of course, a few stories in there (including the little story about Granny and Aunt Hattie Alice) and my motherly advice for saving money on your grocery budget and easily fix great meals to share with your family.  

You can check out a sample of I Can Can Beef on Amazon.com. I hope you will.



05/14/2014 9:31am

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08/25/2014 3:59am

I am a literary scholar and I find the study and the test a little too simple.

08/26/2014 6:55am

I identify as a hetero-romantic asexual.

08/27/2014 4:25pm

The heavy eye makeup on these women perpetuates the myth that eye makeup creates "the look" and or that women's expressions are all about makeup.

08/27/2014 7:10pm

Also the FDA suggests on their site that any filter should be ablto filter down to one micron or You should only use a neti pot with distilled water that has been boiled, salted, and then cooled

09/18/2014 4:33am

I doubt that eye expressions of any culture would be different.

The woman's eyes: if it were truly "desire" her pupils would have been larger than normal, not smaller than normal. IMHO (even thought I scored on the higher end) this was somewhat flawed.

Were the people in the study reading bodice-rippers?

10/11/2014 3:14pm

OK - I didn't finish this. I realized with the first female face that something was up in the test's design. WHY are the women's faces used to show "desire" - I didn't see that, it looked fake to me - "fantasizing", "contemplative" and "preoccupied"???

11/16/2014 5:47am

That impression was almost always among them.

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Thank you for launching this book! I was really happy to read it. I have this friend who gives me canned meat and I must say that it was really delicious. I wanted to make one so I grabbed a copy of I can can beef. Now, I'm proud to say that I was able to can my own meat with the help of this very useful and well- written book.

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